Digitization, globalization and working in virtual and hybrid environments require constant renewal of business models, structures and forms of collaboration, so that companies today are in a constant state of flux. This requires a high degree of willingness and ability to change on the part of organizations, their managers and their employees. When changes in the company are imminent, change management consulting supports goals faster and more smoothly.

Change despite love of security

Master upcoming change successfully, and stay always one step ahead!

High costs, too low or too high turnover - the pursuit of continuous improvement and development leads to change projects that transform areas or the entire company. Current fast-paced technological changes become a challenge for organizations, as they need to keep up or even anticipate events. Companies that want to master change successfully and be one step ahead of the competition have to increase their willingness to take risks, and their acceptance of change. Embracing change, which is influenced by many factors, including culture, is never an easy process. People are generally more inclined to choose security, and value well-established structures and processes. In order to implement change successfully, the right support is crucial. And change management plays a very important role. For change to take place, the behavior of those involved need to change. We support you in your change processes, in the design of new forms of collaboration with stakeholders and in the development of goals and mission statements.

We use an integrated change approach, whereby the desired change is not only understood on a cognitive level, but it is also consistently communicated and firmly anchored in day-to-day practices, behaviors and corporate culture.

Change Management Consulting

Recent topics

Our customers engage with the following topics

Change affects us all. The ever increasing pace of change brought about by digitalization, globalization or New Work is ongoing and affects a number of areas.

  • Optimization or digitization of the
  • Organization and business processes
  • Elaboration of a change story and communication in change processes
  • Introduction of agile organizational structures
  • Restructuring
  • Adaptation of the corporate strategy
  • Introduction of new IT systems
  • Leadership in change management processes
  • Design of an overall change architecture with relevant measures Introduction of a learning organization and a change team
  • Anchoring the strategy and vision in the organization
Change Management Consulting

How we work

We provide clarity - We rely on a systemic approach, recognize dependencies and use interactive methods.

Our consulting is based on a systemic approach. We examine a variety of contexts and, together with decision-makers, stakeholders and multipliers, we evaluate the change and its effects and develop the most suitable implementation approach. From diagnosis to target definition to implementation, we focus on agile approaches in addition to strategic, structural and process-related action areas, in order to adapt flexibly to your needs and emerging challenges. At the same time, we offer a structured framework that provides guidance. We jointly define how successful change looks like, and bring in best practices from our experience.

In a change process, we must consider the system, which consists of strategy, structure and culture.

An example of how we support change processes:

  • Joint analysis and understanding of the current situation through workshops, interviews or online surveys
  • Development of vision & strategy
  • Design of a participation and communication strategy and concept
  • Design of a change architecture with suitable measures for the engagement of all stakeholders
  • Continuous evaluation and success control as well as adjustment of the procedure
Change Management Consulting

Our Methods

We use different methodologies to make change transparent and tangible.
  • Agile techniques and methodologies such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint
  • Feedback-driven processes
  • Self-organized teamwork
  • Goal setting and visualization
  • Change communication plan with storytelling and information roadshows
  • Target image visualization
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change communities, sponsor & agents
  • Learning Journey
  • Train-the-trainer approaches
  • Team Building Events
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Change Management Consulting

What we bring with us

We successfully designed and managed big chance projects by making sure all system elements are considered.

In addition to our many years of experience in HR roles we gained further expertise and skills through Scrum Master and Change Consultant certifications, and have successfully consulted organizations and management teams.

We have experience in working successfully and establishing positive relationships with committees and works councils.

We have supported change management processes in many areas such as digitalization, globalization, as well as the transition to “New Work” both in small and large teams and organizations.

We have broad experience in implementing change processes in international contexts and in complex organizations and networks.

Change Management Consulting

Your benefits working with us

Our clearly structured change and communication plans create transparency, leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness.
We involve your employees in the change and jointly develop a shared vision, which leads to higher motivation.
Through our interactive workshops, your employees experience that they can actively shape change, which leads to sustainable acceptance.
We work with you to define how change benefits your customers, so you can leverage this into your customer approach and increase customer satisfaction.
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