Change is ongoing, organizations are evolving and re-orienting themselves, and leaders need to position them to be ready for the future. To achieve this, companies must design a framework which enables an effective and sustainable leadership culture in order to sustain increasingly complex leadership tasks. But where to start??

  • How can a corporate strategy be implemented?
  • How do you develop employees?
  • What leadership styles are there, and what suits your organization?
  • What are the megatrends in leadership?
  • What leadership skills does your company need?
  • What does health mean in a leadership context?

We have advised organizations on these topics, developed leaders - and experienced these changes first hand. Together we will set your company up for the future!

Leadership styles, skills and change - what do you need for your long-term success?

Digitalization, globalization, demographic changes and pandemics require companies to demonstrate innovation and the ability to change. Leaders face a new dilemma, as top-down approaches are often no longer wished for, and successful digital transformation cannot take place successfully only from the bottom-up. This means that companies consciously encourage a more participative decision-making process and more accountability. A culture change in organizations requires a future-oriented leadership culture, since leaders act as role models and with their behaviors, have a significant influence on the change.

The Leadership culture is the foundation of entrepreneurial success. It determines how employees experience their company, their workplace and how strong their sense of belonging is . Good leadership and, above all, leaders’ behaviors have a direct influence on employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as on growth, innovation and productivity, and thus significantly influences the success and profit of a company.

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But how is leadership culture changing?

Digitalization is ongoing and impacts culture as it changes the expectations that employees have towards leaders.

In addition to continuous learning and attractive development opportunities, meaningfulness and a balance between work and private life, a positive “failure culture”, trust, and a positive management style are key aspects for many employees - especially for the millennial generation. A manager no longer leads by instructions, but by vision and focuses on interpersonal skills - a manager is expected to be a leader.

Inspiration no longer comes from leaders alone - it comes from the community.

It’s about becoming aware of the expertise of the team delegation and empowering the experts to make decisions. Inspiration arises from the community. Remote collaboration has become the norm rather than being the exception. Leaders are asked to build up a good relationship virtually, to create an atmosphere of trust in the virtual space. A climate of psychological safety in which employees feel included and accepted is more important than ever. It is about allowing for different opinions, listening and including them in discussions and decisions.

Employees expect immediate feedback and appreciative cooperation at eye level.

The task of ‘New Leadership’

New Leadership means establishing and maintaining a new New Work Culture in companies. Organizations need a clear vision if they want to shape their future successfully. In the transformation of the work environment this is equally important: When hierarchies become flatter, the workplace more flexible and self-organized, stronger leadership personalities are needed to actively help shape a future-oriented collaboration. Leaders discover and live new forms of work first-hand, for example with job sharing or with part-time models.

We’ll help you identify and cluster your current leadership styles, to define and implement the leadership development activities needed and to lay the basis for agile and collaborative work.

In the past, you had to be physically strong, later managers defined themselves through functional and professional competence and today emotional intelligence is the key to leadership success.
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For your future success
Now is the right time to develop strategies and solutions for your future success in today’s new working world. Learn more!
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Recent topics

Our customers engage with the following topics

New Work has become a megatrend, and so the question arises for leaders as to how cooperation, co-creation and teamwork must be designed for organizations which are impacted and transformed by digitalization.

  • Leadership culture and mission statement
  • Leadership styles
  • Virtual leadership
  • Change management and transformation
  • Possible leadership structures - from self-management to hierarchical
  • Competence development
  • Resilience and leadership
  • Communication, feedback and trust culture
  • Development from functional managers to leaders
  • Trends in leadership
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How we work

We ensure clarity! We rely on a systemic approach, recognize connections and use interactive methods.

We reflect with you on your corporate and management processes and your leadership strategy. Together we design, plan and implement individual measures or end-to-end programs for your target groups.

We analyze the current leadership styles and competencies in the organization, and work together on how to adapt them to the changing conditions.

We work with you to design tailor-made formats, whether as keynote speeches, vision work, support for teams or holistic programs.

We are at your side when the strategy needs to be brought to life. For us, consulting does not end with the finished concept; we support the implementation in its daily applications. We accompany and support you in this ongoing experiment.

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Our Methods

We keep an eye on the existing and create space for the new.

We appreciate existing structures, rituals and current human behaviors. We keep an eye on the existing and create space and curiosity for the New.

  • Individual interviews/conversation
  • 360 Feedback tools
  • Coaching
  • Conflict management and advice
  • Support for employee appraisal process
  • Leadership competencies
  • Self management techniques (mental methods)
  • New leadership approaches and methods
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Leadership Circle Profile Debrief, coaching and workshops

Today’s highly dynamic and complex workplace needs leadership that acts effectively and shapes relationships successfully.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a comprehensive model for leadership development that has been statistically validated by numerous studies. It supports personal development, increases one’s own leadership effectiveness and positively impacts business results. A large number of global companies and organizations are already using this model to develop leaders and teams.

Forster & Klevenz is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ and offers debriefs, coaching and workshops. The development can be built like a comprehensive learning journey, starting with a Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° feedback and supported by coaching sessions. It can also be used by leadership teams to support team transformation.

You may contact us for more information.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ was created by the Leadership Circle® with all rights

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What we bring

33 years of experience gained on 3 continents and across 6 industries, working in various HR and organizational development roles and as HR managers.
In our own leadership roles , we have gained a profound understanding of the challenges facing leaders and teams. We have experimented with and applied various approaches and have profited from external support. We offer you a safe space with a focus on experiential learning, and leverage our own broad expertise to promote sustainable leadership.
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Your benefits from working with us

As experts in leadership development, we work with you to identify and establish the appropriate leadership style to increase your company’s success.
We help your leaders and teams with workshops, guided discussions and impulse lectures to gain clarity about the desired leadership style, new ways of working and methods.
Through our vision workshops, you will design your direction and achieve high efficiency and effectiveness.
Through the use of models such as the Leadership Circle Profile™, you increase the authenticity of each individual employee and thus unleash their full potential.
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