Over the past years, companies and the world of work have been confronted with numerous challenges. Digitalization, working virtually, changing customer needs, sustainability, demand for more flexibility. These and other topics are amongst the reasons for many companies’ restructuring and realignment. What would your company look like if you were to build it again today? What changes in the oganization should be established to keep up with rapidly progressing change? We support you in translating your strategy into structures, culture and organizational set-ups.

Be successful - now and in the future!

This often requires fundamental changes across the whole organisation.

Increasingly rapid technological developments require organizations to become more flexible and able to adapt; ultimately, the word agility describes this capability. Established, traditional approaches to organizational development and leadership are often being questioned. Approaches such as agility, sociocracy, holacracy are becoming widespread and, in this context, terms such as self management, creative mindset or agile ways of working are often mentioned.

Organizations must constantly realign and in some cases even reinvent themselves order to strengthen performance, innovation and future viability. These organisational changes often impact overall structures as well as the culture, and bring about a necessary shift in the behavior of the organization’s members. For organizational development to succeed, it must align with the corporate culture and be supported by a shared vision.

Standing still is a threat, fuelled by lack of collaboration and undiscovered potential.

Organizations, like all systems, are always evolving: the organization itself (products), the people within the organization, and the system in which the organisation lives. If you turn a set screw in a system, the whole system changes. For organizations, this means that a change, e.g. in processes, impacts other parts of the system, e.g as employee collaboration.

Organisations often work in silos and try to solve problems within small teams. However, the more complex the problem is, the more collaboration is required because knowledge and expertise needed for the solution may be found outside of a specific team. This shows how collective learning processes and innovation are based on shared experience and experimentation, since many problems are new, and therefore new and unknown solutions need to be foundPersonal and organizational growth, as well as leveraging its full potential, can only succeed with a systemic view and by proactively initiating exchange and collaboration across the organisation

From hierarchy to holacracy - we help you design and develop your organization.

We support you on your journey towards a tailormade organization that is fit for the future! Together we define your company’s development, both cultural and structural. We understand organizational development as a systemic process and use a holistic approach. We look at and include not only the organizational structure, but also the interpersonal aspects and individual behaviors of leaders and employees. We design and establish a joint learning process for all participants.

Organisational design is about deciding what the purpose of the organisation is, and how it will be achieved efficiently and successfully through the design of structures, roles and responsibilities. Organisational development ensures that the necessary skills of the workforce are in place or developed so that the organisation achieves its purpose
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Organizational Development

Recent topics

Our customers engage with the following topics.

In order to be more efficient, successful and sustainable, most companies are pursuing the following topics.

  • Vision development, strategies and goals
  • Analysis of current culture and definition of the target culture
  • Optimizing work processes
  • Designing a learning organization
  • Optimizing resources (restructuring)
  • Leadership of the future
  • Digitalization and introduction of new software
Organizational Development

How we work

Clarity drives us forward

Modern organizational development combines principles, practices and perspectives from very different sources.

We offer a clear process: We analyze the current situation together, and design a concept for the most appropriate approach and implementation.

We rely on a systemic approach, identify interdependencies and use interactive and participative methods.

Organizational Development

Our Methods

To support your organizational development, we draw on a rich and proven toolbox of methods that we are constantly refining.
  • Vision and Strategy Workshops
  • Workshops for interface optimization
  • Team workshops
  • Design Sprints
  • Coaching
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Individual questionnaires for as-is analysis

We all know that work will never be the same again.

Our first thought was to write a post to share with you what we are currently working on. This thought of a post evolved to “let’s make a video” - which we now proudly present! If you have similar questions and need help to change or transform - let’s get in touch .

Organizational Development

What we bring

We bring many years of consulting and leadership experience as well as practical experience in agile and self-organized organisations.

As certified organizational consultants, we support organizations that want to adapt structures and processes as well as develop their learning and leadership capabilities. We support individuals, teams and organizations in their change journey. We enjoy working with various representative committees and works councils. We support you in bringing clarity and transparency on the many different perspectives within the organisation, and enable quick and pragmatic implementations.

Our main areas of experience

  • Transformation support, such as agile or digital transformation
  • Culture change
  • Organizational design
  • New Ways of Working
  • Successful virtual collaboration
  • Coaching
  • Agile working and SCRUM
Organizational Development

Your benefits in working with us

We use proven Customer Centricity methods to keep the customers’ needs in mind and thus increase their satisfaction.
We use interactive methods and involve employees in the change-process, and support them in targeted skills-development.
Our workshops increase your employees’ flexibility, willingness to change and ability to innovate.
We use the most suitable methods to optimize workflows and processes (e.g. design sprints) and thus increase their efficiency.
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