Due to digital transformation, fast-paced change and increasing complexity, organizations are undergoing fundamental change. Transformation is not a one-time change, rather it is an ongoing process with the goal of increasing a company’s adaptability to face future changes that are not yet known. Transformation requires a radical rethinking of culture, strategy and structure. With us, you can master your transformation! We support you in identifying your critical areas of action, developing the appropriate approach and implementing it.

Rethinking the world of work

More than ever, flexibility and the ability to cooperate determine the success of your company.

The working world of the future is still in the making, dynamic and is currently being shaped. Complexity is increasing, and you need to understand and define your new working world.

According to various studies, 50% of all current jobs will be automated by 2050.

In 2021, 15 trillion mobile devices were in use worldwide. Every single employee has more and more data at their disposal that needs to be analysed. The highly complex structures of many organisations have an increasingly negative impact on performance.

The way we work is being transformed by trends such as flat hierarchies, flexible working, self-organisation, agile working, self-directed learning. New Work describes the current transformation of our working world.

But where to start?

Transformation Consulting

No plan + New Work = Failure

More flexibility, personal accountability and agility require that employees take more ownership. This is usually not successful at first go.

The Covid pandemic has further exacerbated the rapid digitalisation of the workplace, and topics such as health and resilience are now suddenly on the agendas of many companies who need to support their employees in coping with a new work environment and a more blurred line between home and office. But anyone who thinks there is a blueprint for the future is in danger of failing in a complex environment.

Complex means that there is more unknown than known; each company must individually understand its own complexity, recognize and understand customer needs, and align its transformation in such a way that customer needs are satisfied and innovations are enabled for the future. Even within a transformation, there are many factors that cannot be disregarded: employees must be kept involved and motivated, existing customers must be served, and new markets must be opened.

A successful transformation does not just happen: it needs active support, and shaping. We support you in your transformation - whether agile or digital! We help you in gaining clarity to consciously decide in favour of change, to identify where you need to focus your action and shape your transformation in a participatory manner.

Change management is a method of introducing change. Change refers to a one-time change project with a beginning and an end. Transformation is a continuous change process.
Transformation Consulting

Recent topics

Our customers engage with the following topics

The frameworks we work within as well as business models are changing ever faster, and responsiveness and rapid adaptation are a must.

  • Sharpening of the target picture
  • Development of a mission statement with purpose, vision and strong corporate values
  • Agile, transformational leadership
  • Digital trends
  • Self-organization versus self-management
  • New ways of working
Transformation Consulting

How we work


We support you in the overall project as well as in sub-projects. It is important to us to achieve a common understanding of the vision, desired state and need for change, and take meaningful steps.

We systematically involve stakeholders and employees in the design and implementation. We rely on incremental approaches, learning and feedback loops, and quick reactions to changes.

We continuously review the process and the impact of the interventions with you and adapt our approach as needed.

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Transformation Consulting

Our methods

We use various methods and approaches to make transformations tangible and sustainable.
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Empathy Maps
  • Design thinking
  • Design sprints
  • Vision Development
  • Retrospective
  • Experiments
  • Sharing products in large groups and gathering feedback
  • Communities of Practice
  • Holacracy
Transformation Consulting

That’s what we bring

Rebekka Forster & Sibylle Klevenz lived and worked on 3 continents, in 6 industries together with 33 years of experience.

In addition to our many years of experience in HR roles, we have broaden our expertise with training as Scrum Master and Change Consultant, and have brought these perspectives and skills in our consultancy to organizations and leadership teams As leaders, we have also been responsible for change processes and their successful implementation.

You too can benefit from our many years of practical experience.

Transformation Consulting

Your benefits in working with us

We establish a lasting readiness for change through our systemic approach and the engagement of all stakeholders.
With our vision workshops, we develop clarity and coherence with your goal - for more orientation.
With agile methods, such as sprints or design thinking, we overcome hierarchical structures together and create an adaptive, collaborative and network-oriented organisation.
We design and run team workshops to address psychological safety and self-organisation and increase the readiness for collaboration and your employees’ capabilities
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