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Targeted Coaching for Leaders

Discover how Forster&Klevenz develops leaders with customized coaching to boost business success.

Leadership development is a key component of Forster&Klevenz’s coaching offerings and plays a crucial role in your company’s success. In a constantly changing business world, developing leadership skills is essential for growth and competitiveness.

Forster&Klevenz’s programs for leaders and executives are specifically designed to identify and develop individual abilities and leadership styles. With a focus on New Work and New Learning, we provide innovative solutions. These range from strengthening emotional intelligence and decision-making skills to enhancing communication and team leadership abilities.

We help you not only improve your skills but also strengthen your self-perception as a leadership figure. This enables you to lead your team more effectively, drive innovation, and have a positive impact on the entire company. Thus, you can utilize your full potential at all times.

Our coachees navigate complex global work environments authentically and successfully.

TrueSelf™ Leadership: The Path to Authentic and Conscious Leadership

Explore your TrueSelf™ and discover the power of authentic team leadership and innovation.

In today’s business world, authenticity is essential for effective leadership . Forster&Klevenz’s executive coaching focuses on developing leaders who, through a growth mindset, recognize and live their true values, purpose, and beliefs. This leads to more authentic and conscious decisions.

Leaders who live their TrueSelf™ create an open and trusting work climate, thus allowing every individual to bring their full potential. They develop a leadership personality based on their inner convictions and values, leading to coherent, clearer, and more compelling leadership. By consciously integrating company values and objectives into their leadership, they become the leaders who inspire their teams to success, as teams are more inclined to follow their visions and strategies.

Thus, leaders become role models who promote authenticity, trust, and resilience in their teams.

TrueSelf™ Leadership: Your Key to Success
Leadership Redefined At Forster&Klevenz, the focus is on unfolding authentic leadership. Our coaching aims to strengthen leaders in their development while recognizing and living their true selves, thereby exerting a positive influence on the entire team and the company. Develop with us leaders who are not only professionally competent but also act as authentic personalities.
At Forster&Klevenz, unfolding the TrueSelf™ is at the heart of our executive coaching. We focus on helping leaders recognize their unconscious behaviors, thus creating a foundation for making conscious decisions for business and behavior. Our tailored programs therefore support leaders in improving their team leadership and innovation abilities, which is crucial to the success of the entire company.