Fast-changing environment, uncertainty about one’s impact, a new professional role, self- and stress management, career planning or dealing with conflicts are frequent challenges and topics in coaching.

Coaching supports you in professional change and personal development, enables a change of perspective and broadens your scope of action. Coaching inspires experimentation. Coaching intensifies clarity. We are convinced that everyone has within themselves all the resources they need to develop. As coaches, we help you find clarity and new possible solutions, and to recognize and use your own resources.


Coaching works

Research efforts to prove the efficiency of coaching processes have made great progress in recent years.

Studies that prove the effectiveness of coaching have made great progress in recent years. In the meantime, it is a fact that coaching has a positive effect. For example, the current meta-analysis “Does Coaching Work?” by Tim Theeboom proves that coaching in an organizational context has significant positive effects on the following categories: self-efficacy, problem solving, goal achievement, increased mindfulness and stress reduction, well-being and strategy development, decreased absenteeism.

Coaching supports you in gaining clarity about a situation, and how to deal with it under stressful or challenging circumstances. In coaching, we also turn the gaze inwardly, to acknowledge your own strengths and resources, and use them in a targeted way to find self-defined solutions and steer change.

You will learn to look at situations from different perspectives, to recognize and dissolve limiting beliefs and fears in order to enable better solutions also in new situations.

Coaching is an individual and confidential consulting process that helps to master personal and professional challenges. Solutions are found by systematically involving the heart, feelings and mind.
For your success
Now is the right time to find strategies and solutions for your future success in a new business world. Find out more about our offer in a free 30-minute get-to-know-you conversation.

Clear. Conscious. TrueSelf™.

Going through everyday life authentically, whether in your private or professional life, reduces stress. Discover your TrueSelf™.

We often feel like we have to slip into different roles and shed a part of ourselves in work or private contexts. This feels heavy, brings stress and insecurities, and prevents us from being authentic and successful. Sustainable change is only possible when we become aware of our thought and action patterns.

When you understand what thoughts and feelings are at work within you, what strengths and potentials you have, and what reactions are caused by them, you increase your self-confidence, improve your well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and expand your scope for making better decisions. Coaching helps you to get to know yourself better, and to gain clarity about what you stand for and who you are. Become aware of your unconscious behaviors and develop new strengths. By doing this, you can live an authentic and fulfilled life with ease and energy.


Our main areas of experience

Through our own transformation, we recognized our TrueSelf™ and became aware of the unconscious. We have many years of experience in the following topics.
  • Executive Coaching
  • New in leadership, self & team management
  • Professional reorientation & career planning
  • Crisis, stress and conflict management
  • Development of own conflict behavior
  • Dealing with pressure, stress and workload
  • Managing change
  • 360 degree feedback debriefs

Coaching can also be used preventively if you are expecting major challenges in the near future, such as taking on a new role.


How we work

Co-active is our motto - Shaping together.

We are guided by systemic principles and use long-proven as well as new, fresh coaching methods. Clarity, empathy and openness are the principles in the coaching process. Our attitude follows the principle: Everything may be. There is no right or wrong.

We work with goal-and solution-oriented questioning and analysis methods, and different types of coaching interventions. The coachee is the one who finds and develops the solution. As coaches, we facilitate the process and partner on equal terms to guide the solution-finding through our competence, and a variety of exercises and methods.


What we bring

We set high quality standards for our work as coaches, and regularly undergo further training.
  • Systemic coach certification
  • Co-Active Coach Certification
  • Continuous supervision
  • Successfully completed coachings (references)
  • Trainer for coaching skills
  • Leadership experience with own coaching support
  • Professional understanding as a coach (humanistic view of man, approach, ethical and methodological boundaries)

Our Methods

The choice of the appropriate coaching method is based on your personality and the individual topic.
  • Systemic, resource-oriented, paradoxical and circular questions
  • Change of perspective
  • Scaling
  • Miniatures
  • Work with inner team, beliefs, saboteurs
  • Wheel of life and life values
  • Meditation and vision journeys
  • Metaphors
  • Paradoxical Intervention
  • Shadowing
  • Reframing

How does coaching work?

Getting to know each other, first conversation and contracting.
  • In a first, non-binding and free-of-charge conversation we clarify whether coaching is the right approach for your challenge.You have the opportunity to get to know us and our way of working, and clarify all the details.

  • Designing Alliance - together, we consciously create the conditions for our cooperation. We clarify our respective expectations and thus lay the foundation for a trusting and successful coaching relationship.

First Coaching

  • Discovery Session: The first coaching session is like a journey of discovery. Together we explore different aspects of your coaching topic. In doing so, we identify connections that may exist in the professional and personal systems. We go into a deeper reflection which leads to a first clarity about your goals, values and wishes.

  • Together, we set further coaching sessions

Further Coachings

  • According to your topics, we support you in finding the right solution for you, and its practical implementation.
  • This is important to us: all coaching sessions are individual, and each person already has all the resources they need within themselves. We find these resources with you, make them visible and usable.
  • We support you in becoming aware of your competencies, in recognizing areas of development and in tackling them.
  • Together we reflect again and again on successes and whether we need to adjust.


  • We only charge for the hours actually used.

Your benefits of working with us

Through our systemic approach and driven by the belief that you have everything you need to tackle your challenge, we support you in discovering your own solutions and a new scope for action.
After working with profound and creative coaching tools, you decide and act more authentically and self-determined, improve the quality of your relationships and increase your well-being.
Our resource-oriented approach and methods for stress reduction promote your resilience, and ability to work under pressure.
We give you inspiration and ideas for experiential learning so that you consciously try out what you have learned - for sustainable behaviour change.
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