Clarity means making conscious and self-determined decisions

The complex digital world requires that each individual takes courageous and prompt decisions, and more decentralized decision-making structures. In a Rundstedt survey of more than 1,000 employees, 51 percent limited room for maneuver and low decision-making power as reasons for quitting. (wirtschaft + weiterbildung 6/2018). But experience shows that leaders and teams struggle with the scope and autonomy and long for guidance. This dilemma can only be solved through clarity of vision, value and purpose.

Employees need to know the organization’s why and core values in order to be able to seek autonomous solutions and make decisions. Studies show that people who feel that their work has meaning perform better. Generations Y and Z, in particular, focus less on money and more on meaning and self-fulfillment in their career choices. Clear alignment gives employees a sense of purpose which unites and creates a shared understanding of common goals.

Leading authentically with values and clarity

In the New Work context, employees are increasingly empowered to organize themselves and make decisions autonomously - and make mistakes. Leaders need to learn to delegate, provide guidance and trust. This, however, requires clarity about the organization’s direction, otherwise the lack of trust and clarity (about guidance, communication, decisions and requirements) will result in high financial damage.

For conscious decisions, organizations need a new decision-making and healthy failure- culture. A leader can provide guidance only if they are aware of their own values, strengths and weaknesses, and live them. Lived values are authentic, create clarity and give direction. This supports employees to prioritize autonomously and to use their decision-making powers.

Alignment + Enablement = Empowerment. Each individual also needs I skills and competencies. In order to work effectively together and make decisions, teams must be aware of the strengths and resources of each individual, responsibilities must be clearly described and the scope for action must be jointly defined with the leader. Additionally, it is important to acknowledge and identify individual development areas and what passions each team member brings, who has potential and desire to develop further and also who may need to re-think their development.

Through clarity you implement changes and transformations successfully

Transformations are a fundamental change and therefore also complex and disruptive, because the strategy, culture, purpose, values and the organization itself, and with it at times its own business model, change with it. According to a study by McKinsey (2017), transformation projects fail due to a lack of vision, mission and strategy. According to Simon Sinek, every successful transformation starts with the WHY, and flexibly aligns the HOW and WHAT with the transformation vision. When the need for change is communicated clearly, and the future vision in a compelling way, the acceptance by the workforce and their willingness to support the change is higher. Commitment is highest when the workforce is involved in the process and not just told about it.

Clarity promotes fulfillment, commitment and success

How often do you feel like you’re driving with the handbrake on?

Clarity about one’s own values, direction, needs and purpose acts as a compass in life and also in the job. Only if you know your priorities and when they are aligned with your own values and goals, can you act authentically and consciously. You should look holistically at what you want to achieve: in your job, in your personal life, in your partnership and in all other areas that are important to you. Only then will you achieve the success that fulfills you!

Companies that provide employees with opportunities to reflect on their expectations, on their strengths and weaknesses, to become aware of their beliefs and fears, ensure that they have space to develop their full potential. Individual and team coaching can support in gaining clarity about values, goals, unconscious limiting thoughts and hidden potential. Clarity mobilizes strengths and activates resources - to act in a self-determined, successful and authentic way.

Clarity about interests, needs, values, resources and feelings are a source of strength and knowledge and a prerequisite for changing one’s behavior.

Awareness of the TrueSelf™ comes through clarity and acknowledgement of strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, needs and fears. The clarity and the TrueSelf™ help us to understand our unconscious actions and transform them into conscious choices.

Key benefits

Gaining clarity leads to more engagement, performance and energy
Improved business success
More innovation through self-determined decisions
Increased employer attractiveness and employee retention
Success and acceptance in managing organizational change
Increased intrinsic motivation
For your future success
If you want to learn more about how you can gain clarity, give us a call.

Your benefits when your employees have more clarity

Clarity and focus

on goals or obstacles open up new scope for action

Conscious decisions

through clarity about needs and values

Healthy employees

Higher resilience through psychological safety, transparency and strengthened resources.

Customer satisfaction

Through clear communication and arrangements as well as effective and efficient work
We help you bring clarity to your organization

Your benefits when working with us

Benefit from our many years of experience as coaches and leaders.

Bringing clarity drives us! We bring clarity through structure, focus and guiding questions in both our consulting and coaching. With our holistic approach, we promote clarity so that individuals and teams (re)find new perspectives for solutions and leverage their resources. Through questioning techniques as well as visualization tools, we emphasize clarity in our consulting approach, promoting transparency, focus and results. Our strength lies in the development of individual tailor-made solutions, and the implementation in everyday life.

Stress-free transformation through clarity and TrueSelf™ . We help individuals and organizations achieve more sustainable success. We bring the following strengths to support you:

  • Empathy
  • Goal orientation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Asking the right questions
  • Being vulnerable - making your own fears transparent
Coaching and mediation support clarity
A number of studies show how coaching and mediation help achieve clarity and promote sustainable behavior change

It is difficult to gain clarity on complex issues. Psychological research shows that lack of clarity and indecision prevent us from unleashing our potential. Coaching helps us to reflect about our personal situation, identify challenges, and opens up new perspectives and resources. Coaching helps in making complex, value-driven or life-changing decisions, Coaching uses a number of proven techniques to consistently evaluate the consequences of a decision. By acting out scenarios, the client is able to choose the most suitable decision and strengthen the transfer into action. This has a direct impact on well-being, satisfaction, and work performance (Kotte et al. 2018).

When we are faced with conflict, we often do not see with clarity. We are emotionally involved and we do not have a clear view of the conflict and its causes and, above all, of the possible and appropriate solutions. Mediation can create added value personally and socially, because it helps to gain clarity about one’s own needs and values, and this may lead to a change in behavior. In the transformative approach according to Bush and Folger (2009), this is achieved through empowerment: self-empowerment and self-affirmation lead to more self-decision-making and self-esteem.

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