Fundamental change in the world of work

Today, the New Work concept describes the fundamental change in the world of work, it includes concepts such as digital transformation, modern forms of work, but also new mindset and leadership. The core of New Work is flexibility, personal development opportunities and the autonomos design of work. As a result, corporate structures often change.

Mindset determines success

In addition to technological and organizational requirements, what is needed above all is the change in mindset of all parties involved. Leaders should be willing to relinquish control and power in the spirit of New Leadership. Employees must be willing to learn continuously and focus on developing soft skills such as flexibility, autonomy , teamwork and digital skills.

Individual understanding of New Work

When introducing New York, implementation is a key element to ensure success. Since there is no blueprint for this, with clearly defined characteristics and guidelines, New Work must be introduced and implemented based on each individual situation. New Work enables more agile, self-determined ways of working, leading to a healthier and more innovative workplace. The New Works toolbox is a very useful guideline for its introduction. Co-creation is an innovative process where the customer is directly involved, and therefore co-shapes their Way of New Work.
New ways of working

Key Benefits

New Work enables efficient collaboration and networking among employees and leads to improvements in terms of efficiency, speed, sustainability, work-life blending and competitiveness.
You expand your market position through customer-centric services and employees.
By introducing flexible working time models and methods, you increase your power to innovate.
Open and transparent communication in self-organized teams leads to more inclusion, diversity of ideas and better decisions.
With an approach to New Work tailor-made for your company, you increase your implementation potential.
Clarity about roles and responsibilities leads to conflict-free collaboration and increases motivation and job satisfaction.
New ways of working
For your future success
Now is the right time to find strategies and solutions for future success in a new world of work. Find out more about our offer.
New ways of working

Additional benefits of New Ways of Working

Highly attractive employer for talents

Companies that live New Work are much more attractive for innovative, future-oriented employees. Finding them and binding them to the company is becoming more and more important, but also an increasing challenge.

Better balancing of family and work

New work concepts support work-life balance or enable even work-life blending.

Reduced turnover

More employee engagement and ownership promotes personal development, accountability, and reduces turnover.

Higher productivity

You increase productivity and innovation by reducing bureaucracy and hierarchies and introducing flexible forms of work.
For new strategies and solutions
New ways of working

Your advantages when working with us

Benefit from our many years of experience in consulting and in introducing New Ways of Working, as well as from our own direct experience.

Especially with New Work , our vision of stress-free transformation through clarity and TrueSelf™ truly comes to life. We succeed in doing this by valuing the established, starting the change where you are, and introducing suitable supporting measures. We continuously develop ourselves to always be up-to-date with the latest research, bring creative new ideas, but also leverage well-established tools.

Our strengths are your advantages

  • Virtual work and co-creation is in our DNA
  • Experience with a wide variety of organizational models
  • Change support for everyone involved
  • Agile work and SCRUM formats
  • Implementation of experience-based learning
New ways of working

A paradigm shift on several levels

In order to be successful in the future, a systematic change that is approached holistically and looks at the whole organization is a must.

A recent study from Switzerland shows that 76 percent of companies do not have a strategy for the implementation of the workplace 4.0, or at least it is not known by their employees. 58 percent of companies do not involve their employees in shaping the world of work with 4.0. The biggest barriers for companies are the lack of knowledge/know-how (42 percent) and rigid management and organizational structures (41 percent). The paradigm shift must happen technologically, organizationally and ultimately also culturally. Kienbaums’ recommendations of the White Paper “Brave New Work” for a successful transformation tackle exactly this (July 2021): systematic and gradual introduction of hybrid work structures

  • systematic and gradual introduction of hybrid work structures
  • introducing new meeting, feedback and communication routines
  • personal responsibility and diversity-based learning and focus on Strengths-based career development

Companies must approach New Work as a holistic process that affects the entire company.

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