Discover your authentic self with TrueSelf™

What is TrueSelf™?

TrueSelf™ stands for a deep understanding of one’s self, including values, strengths, and fears.

In our fast-paced world, exploring TrueSelf™ is fundamental to personal unfolding and success. TrueSelf™ embodies a profound awareness of one’s values, strengths, and concerns. This knowledge empowers you to make genuine decisions that align with your personal goals and are in harmony with your environment. Central to this is the Growth Mindset, a mindset that encourages continuous development and the embracing of challenges. Through self-reflection and engaging with new experiences, you discover your deepest beliefs and learn to adjust your actions accordingly. Although this path may be challenging, it is essential for personal development, enabling a life in accord with your true self and attracting energy and success into your life.

The TrueSelf™ Formula integrates personal and professional development through a growth mindset and self-reflection. It promotes decisions in harmony with one’s true self, supports authenticity, resilience, and satisfaction, and helps to unleash full potential. Its step-by-step structure facilitates sustainable growth and achieving long-term goals for a fulfilling life.

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To explore your TrueSelf™, use the formula: Growth x Recognition x Decision. The willingness to self-reflect in order to recognize and live your authentic self is very important. This paves the path to an authentic life and professional fulfillment.

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Begin with self-reflection to recognize your TrueSelf™, hence understanding your values, strengths, life’s purpose, and limiting beliefs. Cultivate a Growth Mindset that fosters lifelong learning and development. Consciously make time for this process and be honest with yourself to act authentically.

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TrueSelf™ is essential for your career development as it promotes authentic action, boosts engagement and performance, and optimizes the use of your professional success factors. It helps overcome limiting beliefs and increases your energy.

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The Challenges

Learn to discover your true self and live authentically through courage and openness, despite the challenges posed by conditioning, experiences, and societal norms. The path to authenticity is full of challenges that require courage and openness. For realizing TrueSelf™, it’s essential to reflect on one’s personality, values, and beliefs and to question deep-seated assumptions. Many are influenced by upbringing, experiences, and the pressure of societal norms, which can prevent us from living our true selves.

Learn to discover your true self through courage and openness, and live authentically.

The willingness to confront these fears and beliefs plays a key role. Especially in professional life, we often encounter rigid structures and authoritarian leadership styles that limit personal expression and development. It’s important to recognize these structures, question them, and embark on a path that is in harmony with our own authenticity. This pertains not only to personal but also to professional fulfillment. Engaging with corporate culture and deciding how to be your TrueSelf™ within it are crucial steps on this path.

Courage to authenticity opens the path to personal growth.

We help you to consciously utilize your strengths and make decisions aligned with your values and life’s purpose.

The Power of Authenticity

Learn about the transformative power of the authentic self.

Experience the transforming power of the authentic self and how it anchors you in a world full of turmoil and promotes personal growth. In the dynamic VUCA and BANI world, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, as well as fragility, fear, non-linearity, and opacity, the individual’s authenticity becomes the central anchor point. The Authentic Self not only provides stability and orientation but also enables clear assumption of responsibility. Through a profound understanding of one’s being, abilities, and limiting beliefs, authenticity allows conscious decisions. This clarity enables one to actively shape one’s life and environment, rather than merely reacting to external circumstances. The power of authenticity thus becomes the driving force behind personal and professional growth, encouraging individuals to be part of change and actively shape it. Thus, the true self becomes an indispensable element for thriving in a constantly changing world.

At Forster&Klevenz, discover your TrueSelf™ – your key to authentic success and personal growth.

Become who you are! How often do you feel that you must change, not meet expectations, and don’t fit in as you are?

But how do you find yourself and what is your TrueSelf™? If you want to learn more about how you can live your TrueSelf™ We can help you .

The Key to Your Authentic Self

The TrueSelf™ Formula

Discover how the TrueSelf™ formula can change your life.
In our fast-paced times, marked by constant change, the TrueSelf™ formula serves as a foundation for stability and personal development.

In our fast-paced times, marked by constant change, the TrueSelf™ formula serves as a foundation for personal development. Developed by the consulting firm Forster&Klevenz, it is based on the pillars: Grow, Recognize, and Decide. A central element is the Growth Mindset, the belief that we can expand our abilities and knowledge through commitment and continuous learning. Self-reflection and learning or unlearning habits promote the recognition of our true strengths and values. These insights are essential for conscious decisions that enable us to actively shape our life direction and environment. Understanding our inner beliefs and goals allows us to lead a life in harmony with our true self. Thus, the TrueSelf™ formula is not only a key to personal development but also to success in a work world that demands flexibility, adaptability, and authenticity.

TrueSelf™ = Grow × Recognize × Decide

Grow (Growth Mindset)

Grow throughout life. View challenges as opportunities and learn new things or unlearn unwanted habits.

Recognize (Values, Purpose, Beliefs)

Join us on a journey of recognition and shape a life that truly belongs to you. The discovery of your TrueSelf™ starts here.

Consciously Decide

Authentic action and deep success begin with conscious decisions.

Grow (Growth Mindset)

In the face of continuous change, the ability to grow and adapt is more important than ever. The Growth Mindset, a cornerstone of the TrueSelf™ formula, is the belief that we can enhance our abilities and knowledge through effort and overcoming challenges. It encourages us to push boundaries, unfold our true strengths, and adapt to new circumstances. With a Growth Mindset, we manage to grow continuously and authentically live out our TrueSelf™.

Recognize (Values, Purpose, Beliefs)

The core of the TrueSelf™ formula is recognition – a deep engagement with our values, life’s purpose, and beliefs. These aspects are the foundation of our true self and guide our decisions. Determining personal values helps prioritize and ensures decisions reflect our true self. Understanding our life’s purpose gives us direction and meaning, while reflecting on deeply rooted beliefs leads to authentic action. This path of self-discovery requires courage and openness to change and culminates in a fulfilled life that matches our deepest convictions and goals.

Decide: Consciously about authentic behavior

A crucial aspect of TrueSelf™ is living through conscious choice, based on our true values and beliefs. It involves consciously opting for actions that reflect our authentic self, especially in challenging times. Such decisions preserve our integrity in personal and professional realms and lead to a coherent and satisfied life. Understanding and acting according to our TrueSelf™ promotes authenticity, resilience against external pressure, and deep life satisfaction. It encourages us to carve our own paths instead of following alien patterns or expectations. With the TrueSelf™ formula, we act with authenticity and integrity in every situation.

Living your true self brings more energy because it is no longer wasted on unconscious behaviors.
Mastering Everyday Authenticity with TrueSelf™: A Practical Guide

Integrating TrueSelf™ into Daily Life

In the dynamic world of New Work, integrating TrueSelf™ plays a crucial role in personal and professional success.

Integrating TrueSelf™ into everyday life is not just a desire but a necessity to achieve authenticity and satisfaction. It’s crucial to take concrete steps and use effective tools. Self-reflection plays a central role in strengthening the Growth Mindset and developing a deep understanding of one’s values, life’s purpose, and beliefs. Tools like self-reflection, coaching sessions, and participating in workshops offer practical support. Regularly reviewing personal goals, based on the TrueSelf™ formula, enables progress tracking and necessary adjustments. This process not only helps you find your authentic self but also make conscious decisions in line with your TrueSelf™, leading to a fulfilling life.

Coaching with TrueSelf™

Discover your true self with our coaching for clarity and change.

Organizational Development with TrueSelf™

Strengthen your team with TrueSelf™ for agile and future-oriented organizational development.

Team Development with TrueSelf™

TrueSelf™ enhances teamwork and leads to exceptional success.

The Power of Authenticity

By Rebekka Forster / Sibylle Klevenz
With the TrueSelf™ Formula to Professional Success

  • New paths to more satisfaction, better teamwork, and higher innovation capability
  • Unique concept based on scientific findings
  • In harmony with the true self / TrueSelf™

The Power of Authenticity - Find Your True Self with Forster&Klevenz. Use our methods for more authenticity and a fulfilled life.

Transformation for Individuals and Companies

Benefits of TrueSelf™

Discover how TrueSelf™ promotes personal growth and business success.

In today’s dynamic work world, TrueSelf™ is an essential support for personal growth and professional development. By recognizing one’s own values, strengths, and limits, individuals can make more conscious decisions, thus improving their life satisfaction and energy, leading to authentic action and an effective unfolding of their potentials. For companies, integrating TrueSelf™ results in increased employee engagement and business success, facilitated by authentic leadership qualities and adaptability to changes. Join us on the path to more authenticity and success.

Benefits for Individuals

In the dynamic world of New Work, TrueSelf™ is central to providing security and stability for the individual path to personal and professional development.

Companies and Employees

In the modern work world, companies must continuously drive innovations and adapt, which is much simpler with authentic employees.

Benefits for Individuals

Deep understanding of individual values, strengths, and limits.

This method favors a profound understanding of individual values, strengths, and limits. Learning to act in accord with the true self significantly boosts life satisfaction. More conscious and self-determined action leads to increased energy and a clear unfolding of potential – strengths are optimally utilized, and limiting beliefs are transformed. Accepting one’s weaknesses as opportunities for development opens new paths for personal and professional advancement. TrueSelf™ thus promotes individual abilities and serves as a catalyst for authenticity and innovation in the work context. It forms a solid foundation to face the challenges of the new work world with confidence and resilience.

With TrueSelf™, transform limitations into opportunities for personal growth.

Strengthening Companies and Employees through TrueSelf™

Here, the TrueSelf™ concept is crucial not only to foster business success but also to enhance employer attractiveness and employee engagement. Recognizing and utilizing strengths and flexibly responding to changes are made easier for employees. An authentic leadership style also increases team motivation and willingness to contribute to corporate strategy and participate in organizational changes. TrueSelf™ helps companies strengthen strategic competencies and be more flexible in meeting the demands of the modern work world.

TrueSelf™: The Path to Authentic Leadership and Motivated Teams.

With Forster&Klevenz and TrueSelf™, recognize your strengths and use them for your success. Develop personally and professionally and enhance your life satisfaction.

Forster&Klevenz shows you how to exceed your limits with TrueSelf™. Use your uniqueness for more success and satisfaction at work and in everyday life.