Vision, Authenticity, and Courage as Keys to Success

Leaders That Make a Difference

Discover how Forster&Klevenz transforms your leaders into visionary, authentic, and courageous personalities. Leadership for the future starts here!

In a world full of changes and challenges, leaders are more than ever required not just to manage, but to actively shape the future. Forster&Klevenz stands for leadership consulting that enables exactly this: the development of visionary, authentic, and courageous leaders who lead your company to a successful future.

Our systemic approaches recognize complex relationships and use interactive methods to prepare leaders for the continuous development and realignment of your company. We create conducive frameworks that enable an effective and future-proof leadership culture. This involves not just pure management knowledge but a holistic development of key competencies that strengthen leaders in their roles and enable them to respond flexibly and effectively to new and unforeseen situations.

Our clients particularly appreciate how we harmonize professional leadership consulting with cultural integration.

Leadership coaching at Forster&Klevenz is tailored to the individual needs and challenges of each leader. Through individual and personalized care and development, we strengthen specific leadership skills and qualities that are essential in today’s business environment. Our focus in leadership coaching is on individually promoting leaders so they can advance as authentic, courageous, and visionary leaders.

In leadership consulting, we show how strategic consulting can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. The focus of leadership consulting is on aligning leadership work with company goals. In consulting for leaders, it’s often about company or organizational structure, change management, cultural change in the organization, or implementing new processes and systems. With our holistic approach, we offer solutions that go far beyond traditional consulting concepts.

Unlock new horizons of leadership strength with individual coaching.

Shape a leadership culture with Forster&Klevenz that’s ready for tomorrow. Customized consulting promotes authenticity and courage.

How Leaders Overcome Challenges

Leaders Successful in the BANI World

In times of change and uncertainty, leaders discover how through empowerment and creativity, they can effect real change.

In today’s work world, often described as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible), leaders face unprecedented challenges. The traditional, hierarchical, and authoritarian leadership styles are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the modern business world. Today, it’s about creating an environment where employees are motivated and can act autonomously.

Therefore, the core of modern leadership consulting is the development of skills that enable effective action in this complex world.

Leaders successful in this world need the following skills

Adaptability and Flexibility

The ability to quickly respond to unforeseen changes and adapt plans is crucial in a world characterized by fragility and nonlinearity.


Leaders must not only be resilient themselves but also foster the resilience of their teams to overcome the fragility of systems and structures.

Emotional Intelligence

Given the pervasive anxiety, it’s important to recognize and address the emotional needs of employees, show empathy, and create a supportive work environment.

Clear Communication

In a world that often seems incomprehensible, the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and understandably is invaluable.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Non-linear problems require creative solutions and the ability to think beyond traditional thought patterns.

Networking and Systems Thinking

Successful leaders recognize the importance of networks and the impact of system dynamics on their decisions and strategies.

Courage and Decisiveness

The constant readiness to learn, adapt, and personally grow is crucial to keep up with the pace of change and constant transformations.

Ethics and Sustainability

In an increasingly fragile world, leaders must place ethical considerations and sustainability at the center of their decision-making.

Technological Competence

Leveraging and understanding modern technologies can help manage complexity and make incomprehensible phenomena more accessible.

Forster&Klevenz empowers your leadership for the BANI world: Flexibility, resilience, and creative solutions are our focus to master change.

It’s also about empowering leaders to develop employees who act independently and responsibly to respond to increasing complexity. Leaders must learn to inspire their teams and utilize individual strengths of employees.

With Forster&Klevenz, we help you grow in these aspects. Through our strategic consulting, we provide the tools and knowledge to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

To equip leaders and teams for the challenges of a dynamic world it’s important to us to foster independent actions and individual strengths.
Leadership Consulting - A Key to Effective and Motivating Leadership

How Leadership Consulting Can Transform Your Company

Leadership Reimagined: Discover how consulting for leaders opens up new perspectives and contributes to a good work-life balance.

The leadership consulting from Forster&Klevenz offers numerous benefits that go far beyond traditional leadership methods. A key aspect is the development of a unified understanding of leadership. Through our external input and the introduction of new perspectives, an expanded field of vision is created that enriches not just each leader individually but the entire company.

Create an inclusive leadership culture that values diversity and focuses on employees. This way, you can sustainably achieve your goals, as you attract talents and increase employee motivation.

Forster&Klevenz supports leaders in effectively motivating and inspiring their teams. This leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity, benefiting both employees and the company. Moreover, a special focus is placed on work-life balance, ensuring a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Finally, support with the implementation of strategies is a critical advantage of leadership consulting. Forster&Klevenz views consulting not as a one-time event but as an ongoing process. Active support in applying strategic ideas in practice enables leaders to effectively manage changes and achieve long-term success. This comprehensive approach ensures that leaders not only grow in their role but also make a significant contribution to the success of the entire company.

Shape a leadership culture with us that fosters motivation and diversity.

Shape the future of your leadership with Forster&Klevenz: From work-life balance to effective team leadership, we turn challenges into opportunities.

With Forster&Klevenz at the helm

Customized Leadership Consulting for Modern Challenges

With the expertise of Forster&Klevenz, navigate successfully through the complexity of modern leadership requirements and set new standards in your industry.

In a world where leadership competencies must constantly adapt to changing conditions, Forster&Klevenz offers leadership consulting that starts right there. Our systemic approach captures the complex relationships within your company and develops clear, targeted solutions. We provide a detailed analysis of your existing leadership styles and competencies to optimally adjust them to today’s challenges. Our consulting formats are varied and range from impulse presentations to comprehensive support programs that are individually tailored to your company.

Collaborating with Forster&Klevenz means relying on a partner who brings not just theoretical knowledge but also long-standing, international experience in leadership. This knowledge is incorporated into our consulting, allowing us to offer practical and effective strategies. Our consulting does not end with the creation of concepts, but we continue to accompany you, ensuring the sustainable development and implementation of the solutions worked out.

With Forster&Klevenz, you gain a partner that strengthens your leaders and teams through experiential learning settings and opens up new, appreciative spaces for growth and innovation. Our strategic consulting aims not only to strengthen your leaders but to lead the entire company to a successful future.

Forster&Klevenz: Your navigator in the world of modern leadership. Develop practical strategies for sustainable success with our experienced consulting.