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Successful Teams through TrueSelf™

TrueSelf™ Team Development unlocks your team’s potential, improves collaboration, and leads to your team’s extraordinary success.

In our fast-paced and dynamic work world, a team’s ability to continuously adapt and grow is indispensable for success. Forster&Klevenz have recognized this and developed an innovative TrueSelf™ Team Development Program that not only makes teams functional but leads them to exceptional success. This unique approach is based on fostering a Growth Mindset – the belief that development and success are possible through mutual growth and consistent improvement.

A central part of this program is creating a trusting and open environment where every team member dares to show their true self. This promotes strong cohesion and a common purpose within the team. The authenticity of each individual is central, allowing team members to recognize their individual strengths as well as their limiting beliefs. This self-awareness is crucial for identifying team values and sharing personal values within the team.

We create a safe environment where everyone can show their true self and grow as a real team.

The program places great emphasis on developing a common vision of success that serves as a driving force for individual and collective growth. The goal is to significantly improve team communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills. Through customized workshops, tailored to the needs and specific situation of each team, participants are invited on a transformative journey that goes beyond mere functioning.

These programs are key to a more authentic, fulfilling, and successful professional career for every team member. They offer not only immediate applicable solutions and techniques for improving team dynamics but also lay the groundwork for long-term development that enhances both individual satisfaction and collective productivity and creativity. Forster&Klevenz promise with their TrueSelf™ Team Development Program a sustainable change that empowers teams to continually evolve and meet the challenges of the modern workplace with confidence and success.

Rise to excellence together.
Success through true self and team spirit. Our TrueSelf™ Team Development Program focuses on authentic collaboration and continuous growth to lead your team to extraordinary success. It fosters a culture of openness, allowing each team member to fully unfold their individual strengths.
Unleash your full potential with TrueSelf™ Teamdevelopment. Our approach enables you and your team to find clarity and direction in your professional careers. By creating a trusting environment, we encourage openness and authenticity, allowing every team member to recognize individual strengths and areas for development. This deep self-awareness lays the foundation for lasting changes, improved team dynamics, and leads to extraordinary success. Forster&Klevenz provide the tools and support you need to face and master the challenges of the workplace.
TrueSelf™ Coaching

Discover your true self with our coaching for clarity and change.

Organizational Development with TrueSelf™

Strengthen your team with TrueSelf™ for agile and future-oriented organizational development.