New Work - New Leadership

New work, increasing complexity, digitalisation and the Corona pandemic are challenging traditional leadership principles. In times of transformation, executives must drive and support organizations to change from within, which requires new leadership styles that focus on key aspects such as communication, empathy and emotionality. Leaders must relinquish control and decision-making power, trust and encourage their employees to take ownership for their own actions. This permanent change is increasing the pressure and demands on leaders and top performers.

Coaching supports change and development

We always lead: ourselves, others and projects. How we succeed depends above all on our inner attitude. As long as limiting beliefs and fears determine our behavior, we do not leverage our full potential. Coaching supports you in finding your way in a dynamic and complex environment, and to continuously develop. Thanks to coaching you can change old patterns and expand your scope of action.You can give yourself, and others, guidance with clarity and leadership.

Executive coaching helps people in leadership positions. Executive coaching is a time-limited, targeted, practice-oriented learning approach tailored to the individual executive. It is aimed, for example, at high potentials, middle or top managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs. It supports leaders and helps them to develop their own leadership competencies, to increase their performance capabilities in a sustainable way and specifically align their strengths with their professional goals.

Executive Coaching

Key Benefits

Increased fulfillment and performance, reduction of stressors, more effective conflict and problem resolution.
Coaching supports self-reflection about your own behavior and thoughts. This leads to more clarity and sharpened focus on goals or challenges, and opens up new scope for action.
By acting out possible scenarios, you develop strategies for self-efficacy, confidence and flexibility. This helps you in effective decision-making.
Coaching promotes resilience, and resilience to be able to leverage your full potential, for effective performance even in challenging situations.
You increase your effectiveness through more focus, assertiveness and clearer communication.
Coaching helps you to develop from a classic manager to a New Leader.
Executive Coaching
We support you …
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Executive Coaching

This is what successful executive coaching can mean for you

Motivate and inspire

In a short time, develop strategies to motivate and inspire yourself and your employees.

Slowing down, setting your direction, and moving on at full speed

Coaching provides you with a sparring partner, and with a space to slow down and set your direction, so that you can move on at full speed again.

Improved working relationships

Since coaching improves job satisfaction and the quality of working relationships, not only the leaders but the whole company benefits from this


After coaching, people are more fulfilled and productive

Long-term behavior change

Clients change their behavior more strongly and sustainably through coaching than after training.

Stress management

Clients improve their own stress management and manage conflicts and difficult situations more effectively.
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Executive Coaching

Your advantages when working with us

Benefit from our years of experience as coaches and executives. Our success as coaches and leaders is based on our own transformation.

Even after becoming certified coaches, we still use coaching for our own continuous development. Coaching helped us to acknowledge our unconscious behaviors, fears and beliefs, and helped us to shift them into conscious behaviors and strengths. This allowed us to unleash not only our full potential, but also that of our teams.

With our coaching approach, we also implement our vision of stress-free transformation through clarity and full consciousness of the TrueSelf™, for both individuals and organizations. We help you to shape the future for long-term and sustainable success.

Our strengths help us to achieve:

  • Strategic thinking - focusing on possible future innovations
  • Recognizing and unleashing potential
  • Systemic thinking - seeing frameworks, patterns and connections
  • Empathy - recognizing thoughts, personality traits, emotions and motives
  • Catalyze continuous development for others and ourselves
Executive Coaching
More and more companies are establishing coaching
The view on coaching is changing. It is no longer seen as a one-off intervention for underperforming managers, rather as an established development tool.

For the Change Readiness Index 2019, the management consultancy Staufen surveyed a total of 421 companies and more than 400 top executives of German companies. The study shows that 37 percent of the companies surveyed had already successfully established coaching or supervision. The Quadriga Coaching Study 2021 with more than 2,000 People Development professionals and (top) executives confirms that coaching works. Clients are more satisfied and high-performing after coaching, and are able to change their behavior more strongly and sustainably than after training. 70 percent of respondents said they saw coaching as a positive development opportunity.

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