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Transformation Support Drives Companies Forward

Mastering the Art of Change: We support you not only in managing change but also in actively shaping it.

In a world that is rapidly changing, the ability to adapt and transform is crucial for business success. As a leader, you face the challenge of not only steering the change but also supporting and motivating your employees.

This is where transformation support comes into play. It helps you foster a rethink in your corporate culture, which is essential for successful transformation. At Forster&Klevenz, we support you with customized solutions to successfully lead your organization through change processes. We analyze your current challenges, develop individual change strategies, and support you with stakeholder management and communication. With proven tools and methods, we accompany your change process and continuously adapt it to ensure long-term success.

Our incremental approach allows you to make step-by-step improvements, while learning and feedback loops ensure that you can quickly respond to changes. This method not only strengthens your company’s adaptability but also fosters an environment of continuous innovation and development. With our support, you can master the complexity of today’s business world and prepare your company for future challenges.

Together, we master change – your success is our goal.

To explore your TrueSelf™, use the formula: Growth x Recognition x Decision. The willingness to self-reflect in order to recognize and live your authentic self is very important. This paves the path to an authentic life and professional fulfillment.

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Change Management projects often fail when key elements in the Change Management process are not adequately addressed. A common reason for failure is the lack of effective communication. Without clear, open, and continuous communication, misunderstandings and resistances can arise, blocking the change process.

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Good Change Management is based on clear objectives, active involvement, and constant communication. By strategically supporting leaders and actively engaging employees, implementation is optimized, significantly enhancing efficiency through Change Management consulting.

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The TrueSelf™ Formula integrates personal and professional development through a growth mindset and self-reflection. It promotes decisions in harmony with one’s true self, supports authenticity, resilience, and satisfaction, and helps to unleash full potential. Its step-by-step structure facilitates sustainable growth and achieving long-term goals for a fulfilling life.

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Begin with self-reflection to recognize your TrueSelf™, hence understanding your values, strengths, life’s purpose, and limiting beliefs. Cultivate a Growth Mindset that fosters lifelong learning and development. Consciously make time for this process and be honest with yourself to act authentically.

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TrueSelf™ is essential for your career development as it promotes authentic action, boosts engagement and performance, and optimizes the use of your professional success factors. It helps overcome limiting beliefs and increases your energy.

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Change Management is needed when companies face technological, structural, or strategic changes. It helps to minimize risks, increase acceptance, and efficiently achieve corporate goals, which is highly beneficial for both organizations and individuals.

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Change Management Tools are crucial for the successful implementation of corporate changes. They aid in the analysis, planning, and execution of changes. The use of these tools improves the acceptance and efficiency of change processes and helps companies achieve their goals.

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Change Management encompasses a variety of processes that respond to different occasions. Typical occasions for Change Management include technological changes, reorganization of company structures, market changes, or regulatory adjustments.

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TrueSelf™ aids in using energy more efficiently through more conscious action, maximizing full potential, and better overcoming professional challenges. An authentic self-understanding leads to proactive behavior and long-term well-being.

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Together we shape your transformation and develop your employees into driving transformation multipliers.
Digital, Agile, Continuous - Successful Transformation

Rethinking the World of Work

In a rapidly changing work environment, the right transformation support is key to your company’s success.

The world of work is experiencing a fundamental change, driven by digitalization, agility, and constant change. With Forster&Klevenz by your side, you confidently master these challenges. We understand that flexibility and cooperation determine your company’s success and must be reflected in your organizational design. Considering the forecast that by 2050, half of all jobs will be automated, and the fact that in 2021, there were 15 trillion mobile devices in use worldwide, it’s clear: companies must adapt to survive.

The complexity in companies is growing, influenced by the enormous amount of data employees must process daily. Here’s where we step in: Forster&Klevenz helps you manage this complexity and define a new world of work. Our expertise in transformation support includes developing strategies for flat hierarchies, flexible work models, and agile work environments. We support you in integrating self-directed learning and new work methods to provide your employees with the tools they need for success.

Our approach is designed not just to react to changes but to actively shape and steer them. Through continuous learning and feedback loops, we enable your company to quickly adapt and drive innovations. In a world characterized by instability and rapidly changing market requirements, it’s crucial to have a partner like Forster&Klevenz to guide you through the transformation process. With us, you shape a future where your company not only survives but thrives.

Digital Change? With us, you navigate confidently through every change.

Given the rapid changes in the world of work, Forster&Klevenz offers customized strategies to master complexity and promote agility. We support you in making your organization resilient and adaptive.

Mastering the Future - Your Continuous Corporate Development

Successfully Shaping Transformation

With tailored transformation support from Forster&Klevenz, you manage change and create sustainable innovation.

To successfully shape transformations, one must understand that transformation is an ongoing process, unlike a “traditional change,” which has a defined beginning and end. A transformation requires more than just introducing new technologies or structures; success often depends on a fundamental change in corporate culture and ways of working.

The Covid pandemic and the accelerated digitalization have brought issues like health, resilience, and agility to the forefront. Forster&Klevenz supports you in mastering these new challenges. We help you redefine the boundaries between work and leisure and create a transformation to a work environment that considers both your employees’ needs and those of your company.

People are at the center of every transformation! Together we create a future that combines resilience, agility, and well-being.

A key aspect of our work is the engagement and motivation of your employees. We know that the success of a transformation depends on the active participation of all. Therefore, we focus on empowering your teams to navigate and thrive in the new world of work. With our expertise in transformation support, we help you in developing individual solutions that satisfy both your customers’ needs and lay the groundwork for future innovations. By actively accompanying and shaping this process, we help you master the complex challenges of today’s business world and prepare your company for the future.

Shape a future with Forster&Klevenz where change means innovation.

Together with Forster&Klevenz, you not only master digital change but also foster a culture of agility and resilience. We support you in shaping the workplace of tomorrow, today.

Agile and Digital Transformation

How We Work

Success through adaptation and proactive action in the business world with customized solutions, incremental improvement, and comprehensive involvement.

We recognize that in the rapidly changing business environment, proactive action and adaptability are keys to success, and we implement this principle in every transformation support. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your company. Our approach aims to develop a deep understanding of your vision, desired end state, and change requirements. It’s important to us to systematically involve all stakeholders – from executives to employees – in the design and implementation process.

We rely on an incremental approach, where improvements are implemented step by step. This allows us to remain flexible to changes and continuously review the process. Our learning and feedback loops ensure that interventions have their maximum impact and can be adjusted as needed.

To make the transformation tangible and sustainable for your company, we utilize a variety of methods like Business Model Canvas, Empathy Maps, Design Thinking, SCRUM, and Design Sprints. These tools help us develop innovative solutions that are both creative and effective. We place great importance on our methods contributing to vision development and also include experimental approaches that allow testing new ideas in practice. By gathering feedback in large groups or forming Communities of Practice, we create a culture of continuous improvement and shared learning.

Our approach to transformation support at Forster&Klevenz ensures that your company is not only prepared for the challenges of today but also uses them as opportunities for growth and innovation.

We shape change with incremental steps and continuous feedback.

Our clients appreciate our innovative approach and extensive experience with various agile methods.
Our Experience - Your Advantage

Experience in various transformations and change management

Leverage the global expertise and diverse industry experience of Forster&Klevenz for your company’s transformation.

At Forster&Klevenz, we combine decades of experience from different industries and continents to optimize the transformation support of your organization. Our profound knowledge in HR roles is complemented by qualifications as Scrum Masters and Change Consultants. This combination allows us to advise organizations and leadership teams with profound understanding and effective skills.

As experienced leaders, we have personally implemented numerous change processes and transformations successfully. These practical experiences flow into our work, offering our clients authentic insights and proven strategies. At Forster&Klevenz, you benefit not only from our theoretical competence and consulting knowledge but also from our wide-ranging practical experience.

We aim to lead your company through an effective and sustainable transformation. Our systemic approach, which includes all participants, creates a persistent readiness for change. We use methods like Vision Workshops, Design Thinking, and agile Sprints to break down hierarchical structures and establish an adaptive, collaborative, and network-oriented form of organization. We particularly focus on Psychological Safety and self-organization in our team workshops to increase collaboration readiness and the competencies of your employees.

Success through Experience: We make change your strength.

Forster&Klevenz is your partner for agile and digital transformation. Our approach ensures that your company remains proactive and adaptable to successfully meet the challenges of the modern work environment.

Forster&Klevenz relies on an incremental approach and active involvement of all stakeholders to make your vision a reality. We shape change together.