Challenges in Change Processes

From Analysis to Implementation

Remaining Successful Long-term: How Change Management Consulting Can Take Your Company to the Next Level.

Changes are part of life and often unavoidable - whether in personal or professional contexts. Especially for companies, however, changes can pose a unique challenge that isn’t always easy to master. Do you feel the same way? If so, change management consulting could be of interest to your company. But what exactly is it?

Change management consulting is a specialized service that, after analyzing the current situation, determines and designs supportive measures in collaboration with the stakeholders that lead to the sustainable and successful evolution of the company. Generally, the challenges in change processes are often diverse and can impact various areas. You might have already experienced resistance to changes, inadequate communication, or poorly defined goals, resulting in employees failing to embrace the change. Or perhaps you’ve implemented a change, but it lacks long-term integration into the organization, and so the desired value was not fully realized. That’s precisely when change management consulting is the right fit for you: analyze, co-create, and implement.

We at Forster&Klevenz have years of experience and expertise in the field of change management and are more than happy to assist you in implementing your change processes in a goal-oriented, structured, and successful manner, thereby enabling progress.

Flexibility and Guidance Through Agile Process Support

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Requirements

Forster&Klevenz is your global partner for successful transformations. With worldwide experience and modern solutions, we provide individualized support at every step of your change process.

At Forster&Klevenz, we leverage a modern and innovative approach to assist our clients successfully through their transformation processes. We understand that changes can be challenging, and we cater to each client’s unique requirements. Through a systemic approach, we shed light on all interconnected aspects and evaluate the impacts of changes together with our clients. Our goal is to develop customized solutions that can flexibly adapt to new challenges and simultaneously provide a structured framework. In this, we don’t reinvent the wheel. We devise your individual solution by using established methodologies and tools that suit you. We possess a large reservoir of tried-and-true methods, but we also frequently embrace fresh and creative approaches.

We thus focus on agile process support and incorporate our extensive experience and best-practice strategies to ensure the success of your change process. Let’s tackle these challenges together and shape your future successfully.

Our approach is tailored just for you! Our clients typically perfer a mix of traditonal and agile methods.

Our motto is co-creation: Together we analyze the current situation and develop a vision and strategy to achieve a successful transformation. We use no blueprints. In doing so, we emphasize on actively involving all stakeholders in the change process.

Our approach is characterized by continuous evaluation and performance monitoring to ensure that we are collectively on the right path. Here too, we employ best-practice strategies from our comprehensive experience to learn rapidly from the evaluation and shape the change process as effectively as possible.

At Forster&Klevenz, we firmly believe that change is an opportunity for growth and development. Therefore, we are the perfect partner for companies that want to proactively shape their future.

Mastering changes successfully: Embark on the journey with us to define and implement your measures.

The Right Strategy for Change

Successful Change Management: Here’s How to Make it Work!

Planning and Implementation: Learn how specific actions can take your business or organization to the next level.

Successful change management consulting starts with identifying the need for change and analyzing the current situation. This step involves recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your business or organization and assessing the potential impacts of the changes on various stakeholders.

Following the analysis, the planning and implementation of changes take place. Here, specific actions are devised and carried out to elevate your business or organization to the next level. This could involve introducing new technologies, optimizing business processes, or restructuring the organization. During implementation, it’s crucial to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure your business or organization stays on track.

Our clients value our analytical and also pragmatic approach, seeing quick inital successes as a result.

Moreover, successful change management consulting relies on open and transparent communication with various stakeholders. It’s vital to involve your employees and leaders from the get-go in the change process and take their concerns and ideas into account. Clear and comprehensible communication helps to alleviate fears and resistance, thereby increasing acceptance of changes.

Through successful change management consulting, businesses and organizations can remain successful in the long run and strengthen their competitive edge. So, if you need support with implementing change processes, feel free to contact us. With our extensive experience and expertise in change management, we assist you in successfully implementing changes and taking your organization to the next level.

Clear and comprehensible communication helps to alleviate fears and resistance, increasing the acceptance of changes.

The world spins fast, and your business along with it. In the midst of change, clarity is key. At Forster&Klevenz, we provide professional change management consulting to guide you safely through these times.

From (A)gile to (Z)ero-In Visualizations

Our Methods

To assist you in the change management consultation process and make the changes tangible for you, we employ various methods.

We rely on a comprehensive change architecture that includes analysis and diagnostic methods, planning and implementation methods, interaction and participation methods, as well as training methods. Our aim is to successfully implement changes together with our clients and prepare their employees for these changes.

Analysis and Diagnostic Methods

Where are we? Analysis and diagnostic methods paving the way for successful change!

Planning and Implementation Methods

New paths in change management: Achieving successful changes with agile and tried-and-true methods.

Interaction Methods

Discover how interaction methods shape change in organizations, alleviate fears, and foster communication.

Training Methods

Carry out successful change management: Accompany change with knowledge transfer and training approaches.

Visualization Methods

Dive into the visual design of change: Boosting engagement and optimizing change management.

Current Trends and Developments

Trends and impulses for the future

From hybrid work environments to AI: Discover exciting trends that are making change management increasingly crucial.

The future is digital, agile, and resilience-oriented. The pandemic has transformed the world of work. Remote and hybrid work has become the new normal. The trend is moving toward agile organizations. But agility requires a flexible company structure and a different approach to decision-making. This demands a shift in employee thinking. Big Data and AI play a role.

Moreover, companies are looking for ways to be more resilient in the face of crises. The keyword here is resilience. A resilient company can respond to disruptions more quickly and recover from them more efficiently.

For all this, change management is needed to bring employees along on the journey, learn new skills and establish new mindsets. The role of AI and machine learning in change management consultation should not be underestimated. It can support the implementation of changes and boost the efficiency of processes. Together, we shape the future.

New Ways of Working

Forster&Klevenz guides you in the new world of work: From establishing remote and hybrid work, exploring agile work methods and digital transformation, to leadership development. We offer solutions for the shortage of skilled workers and embed purpose and vision in your company. With us, you redesign the workplace.

Cultural Changes

With Forster&Klevenz, your change management consultancy, you actively shape your company culture. Utilize technologies like AI for cultural change, develop your leaders, and promote a healthy, learning-oriented environment. Together, we make sustainability the norm.

Change impacts us all. The ever-increasing pace of change, digitization, globalization, or new ways of working, pause for no one and continuous transformation takes place in various fields.

Securing the Future through Change

Why You Should Invest in Your Future Competitiveness Now

Prepare for any change with Forster&Klevenz. We offer thorough planning and effective implementation for your company’s transition in uncertain times.

Changes are part of the everyday life of companies. Whether it’s about the introduction of new technologies, restructuring departments, or expanding into new markets - you know that changes always require thorough planning and implementation. Right now, in times of rapid change and uncertainty, it is particularly crucial to prepare well for changes and handle them transparently.

You might be wondering, why should you invest in change management consultation right now? The answer is simple: Changes are coming at increasingly shorter intervals and often run in parallel; handling this complexity requires professional support. In times of rapid change, modifications need to be designed even more proactively and sustainably, so you stay in control.

We stand for clear and understandable communication that reduces fears and resistance, and increases the acceptance of change!

That’s where we come into play. Our years of experience in change management have shown us that professional consultation is the key to successful change processes. The external perspective, the diverse tools, and approaches we have experienced can help you react clearly and structurally to your change or proactively prepare for a change. We can also assist you in making the right decisions and successfully implementing changes.

By using professional change management consultation, you can ensure that you are best prepared and can successfully implement changes. We support you in applying the right measures and tools and taking your organization to the next level.

In times of change: We see change as an opportunity - through our approaches, we help you shape the change positively.

Forster&Klevenz Champions Customer Centricity. We always keep your customers’ needs in view. With us by your side, your customers’ satisfaction will rise - because happy customers are the key to success.

Change means transformation, and transformation requires flexibility and a willingness to change. Our culture workshops promote these exact skills in your team. Engage us to boost the innovativeness of your staff.