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Effective Works Council Work through Customized Team Development

Learn how Forster&Klevenz empowers works council bodies to promote effective and fast collaboration with the employer.

In today’s dynamic work environment, works council bodies face the challenge of not only being efficient but also visionary. Forster&Klevenz specializes in empowering these bodies. Our unique approach enables works council members to go far beyond the traditional mediator role. They become strategic sparring partners, not just identifying the needs and concerns of the workforce but also developing concrete solutions and providing valuable feedback to employers. In this way, works council bodies effectively contribute to creating a harmonious and productive work environment that meets the changing requirements of today’s work world.

Our approach focuses on improving communication and cooperation within works council bodies. This includes creating a strong team dynamic that allows members to support each other and work together effectively. We place particular emphasis on each member understanding his role and how it contributes to the overall strategy and goals of the body.

Bodies that set clear goals, define roles and responsibilities, and understand themselves as a team can enter negotiations with more energy.

A crucial part of our work is developing skills for quick and effective decision-making. This is essential to respond to the rapidly changing requirements of the labor market. Our workshops and training sessions are designed to provide works councils with the necessary tools to act agilely and proactively.

Forster&Klevenz also offers consulting and support in developing visions and long-term strategies for works council bodies. We understand that each body has its challenges and offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of the body.

Strong together: Works councils develop with Forster&Klevenz.
Works Council Bodies: Realignment with Forster&Klevenz Forster&Klevenz supports works council bodies with personalized team development strategies to create effective collaboration and clear visions. Our approaches strengthen communication and cooperation between works councils and employers, support the development of new work methods, and promote quick, efficient decision-making. Forster&Klevenz helps works council bodies to function effectively as units and achieve sustainable success.

The integration of digital tools and methods also plays a central role in our work. In an increasingly digitalized world, it’s important for works council bodies to be familiar with the latest technologies and use them effectively in their work. Our training and workshops support bodies in using digital tools to optimize their workflows and become more efficient.

Forster&Klevenz strengthens works council bodies through tailored team development . We analyze individual needs, foster communication and cohesion, and empower a sparring partner role. Our long-term support ensures continuous growth, while flexibility and adaptation to change are central. Thus, works council bodies are equipped not only for current challenges but also visionary for future developments.

Forster&Klevenz offers customized team development strategies for works council bodies to maximize their effectiveness. By strengthening communication, decision-making, and team dynamics, works council bodies become efficient interfaces between employees and employers. Our specialized approaches promote agile responses to labor market challenges and support the development of future-oriented visions.
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