1. TrueSelf™

How Can I Identify and Develop My TrueSelf™?

To explore your TrueSelf™, use the formula: Growth x Recognition x Decision. The willingness to self-reflect in order to recognize and live your authentic self is very important. This paves the path to an authentic life and professional fulfillment.

To recognize and develop your TrueSelf™, it is essential to apply the TrueSelf™ Formula, which consists of the elements Growth, Recognition, and Decision. Start by cultivating a Growth Mindset, which forms the basis for personal growth and the readiness to face new challenges. The next step, Recognition, involves deep self-reflection to understand your core values, life goals, and beliefs. This process helps you to get a clear picture of yourself and to identify your true strengths as well as fears. The final component, Decision, requires you to make conscious choices that support your development towards your TrueSelf™. This might mean working on weaknesses, learning new skills, or changing certain lifestyles. By following these steps, you enable yourself to live more authentically and promote your personal and professional transformation.

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