Our passion for transformation and good food brought us together.
We acknowledged our fears and turned them into strengths.

About us

Why Forster&Klevenz

Experience in various People and Organizational Development roles and as Head of Human Resources.
Adaptability, intercultural awareness and multicultural experience through living and working in the USA, Europe and Asia.
New Work
Implementation of and hands-on experience with diverse working environments: virtual, remote, agile, self-organized and network-based.
Ease in adapting to different customer needs and understanding of diverse business cultures and set-ups.
About us

Our Transformation

Moving from unconscious to conscious action.

Our entire professional life has been characterized by achieving and even exceeding goals. We succeeded! The next goal had to be set and this was more challenging, faster and greater than the last one. We achieved that too - another success! But instead of enjoying it, we began to notice a diffuse feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

We were caught in the infamous hamster wheel. We realized that the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment does not depend on external circumstances, but on ourselves. How then to act less driven? We walked our own path - to our TrueSelf™.

TrueSelf™ leads to celebrating success, enjoying the path and reducing stress.

Our path to the TrueSelf™ started with dealing with ourselves first: Our strengths, but also our beliefs and fears that controlled us subconsciously.

We started to talk authentically about this with colleagues and our own teams and we got very positive reactions. Showing ourselves as imperfect beings made us vulnerable. However, we have learned that weaknesses can become strengths! The more conscious we became, the less we acted unconsciously, which significantly reduced the perceived stress level.

This clarity and our TrueSelf™ also created a safe space for others to show up authentically. Our employees felt heard and understood, and this increased their willingness to perform and exceed expectations - go the extra mile. Deep trust and commitment created a high-performing team.

An additional benefit was that our own satisfaction increased - we could enjoy successes, consciously set the next goal: consciously, rather than being unconsciously driven.

With this energy we started our self-employment. We continue to discover beliefs and fears, which we convert into strengths. Less stress, more authenticity and more lightness

We discover new countries with curiosity and openness.
We dare to be different.
About us

Rebekka Forster

For me, the greatest motivation is to grow personally and to inspire people and organizations to do so. For more authenticity, ease and success.

Being your TrueSelf™ - creates lightness. What drives me is my personal lifelong development. I take great pleasure in supporting people in their growth and creating an appetite for change. Always fascinated by human nature, learning and culture, I studied psychology and adult pedagogy. I have worked for 14 years in global roles across different industries, HR and leadership functions - always being the interface between people and organization.

My broad experience and the enthusiasm for creating new things with others, and taking them forward has led me to start my own company. This energy inspires me every day anew, and nurtures my creativity and strength even more.

Today I work as a systemic and agile coach and team developer, mediator, organizational consultant and mindfulness trainer. I stand for appreciation, creativity and deep relationships. I cherish traveling and gaining new perspectives about myself and others.

I partner with individuals, teams and organizations on their way to stress-free transformation through clarity and awareness of their TrueSelf™ - for more well-being, satisfaction and success.

About us

Sibylle Klevenz

Exploring different countries, learning about cultures and absorbing all kinds of information drives me. This inspires me to come up with creative ideas and solutions.

Being your TrueSelf™ - sets potential free. I want to make a big impact and always learn something new! My fascination for human behavior and how people learn and gain knowledge, led me to study psychology and also influenced my career choices in different industries and companies. With growing experience in the field of People and Organizational Development, I realized that one of my core strengths is strategic thinking, which I successfully lived in my leadership roles. My fascination for different cultures and ways of living encouraged me to work not only in Germany and Europe, but also in the USA and Asia.

For almost two decades I worked in different roles in global, regional and local functions, as a people & organizational consultant and head of human resources. And now I have realized my long-held dream of “having my own company”.

Today I work as a systemic and agile coach, team developer, mediator and business consultant. I stand for openness, transparency and creativity. An unbiased and trusting atmosphere is important to me. I partner with individuals, teams and organizations on the path to stress-free transformation through clarity and awareness of their TrueSelf™ - for more well-being, satisfaction and success.

Different experiences and shared values make us strong!
Individuality and creativity for us, but also for our clients.
Work does not have to be hard - it can be fulfilling and easy.
About us

Our Vision

Stress-free transformation through clarity and TrueSelf™.

We see the megatrend “New Work” with its new ways of working, organizational models and need for a new mindset as the focus of our business consultancy.

We want to play a leading role in shaping this future by breaking new ground in the design of transformation. In doing so, we rely on our knowledge, years of experience and the power of collaboration.

We have learned that challenges offer opportunities for development and that connecting with our own TrueSelf™ leads to well-being, satisfaction and success by being authentic. We share our knowledge and experience in our coaching, consulting work and workshops.

We dare to be different. Our core competencies are clarity, empathy and strategic thinking.

In our work, we are always guided by a systemic approach that recognises interdependencies and purposefully integrates thinking, feeling and doing.

Respect, authenticity and trust: our values guide us in our consulting work and are shown in our behaviors - how we deal with our clients as well as with each other.

We love what we do and are happy when we can support our clients in the pursuit of their TrueSelf™. We believe that effective external change can only start from within. We also define success holistically.

We find and engage our clients by empathically listening to their needs and co-creating individual solutions.

We believe that fostering clarity and the courage to accept oneself leads to a fulfilled and successful (professional) life.