There is no company without corporate culture

Culture is always there - just which one!? Companies must take action and shape their culture, because the fact is: without consideration of and changing the corporate culture, transformation remains ineffective. New Ways have to be lived by employees.

Culture cannot be introduced

Culture can only be developed and shaped step by step, ideally together with your employees. To achieve this, it is essential that these new values, norms and behaviors are also role-modeled.

A continuous process

Culture change means changing and establishing new patterns of behavior, ways of thinking and acting, for both employees and leaders. The development of a corporate culture is therefore a continuous process that should be established as a learning process, with corresponding loops and responsibilities. The basis for the culture development process is a vision with an inspiring target image and a resilient purpose. Cultural change processes are initiated most effectively when they begin by working on the visible cultural elements such as corporate mission statements and values, structural changes, communication, leadership behavior and collaboration.
Culture Change

Key benefits

Corporate culture ranks among the top 3 challenges for successful companies, and has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, growth rates and employee retention.
Increased financial growth rate through clear linkage of strategy and culture.
Loyal customers through a positive corporate culture that always keeps the customer’s needs in mind.
Successful change projects and transformations by changing the corporate culture.
Increased employee loyalty and employer attractiveness through a strong and positive corporate culture that provides a framework of orientation.
Increased efficiency through a corporate culture that promotes early conflict identification and resolution.
Culture Change
For your future success
If you would like to learn more about how we can support you in your transformation, give us a call. An initial conversation is, of course, free of charge.
Culture Change

Your advantages when working with us

Benefit from our many years of experience in people and organizational development. We support cultural changes in different industries and regions and shape cultures in a sustainable way.

We implement our vision of stress-free transformation through clarity and TrueSelf™ in culture change as well - thanks to our many years of experience in culture change, we have developed a framework that focuses on clear processes, transparency and support for all those involved.

  • Clear cultural analysis
  • Holistic success definition and measurement
  • Comprehensive change architectures
  • Innovative and agile ways of working
Culture Change
Culture the key to success
Corporate culture is increasingly on the executives’ agenda. The focus on company culture ensures a higher growth rate.

At the executive level, corporate culture is increasingly on the agenda. In Heidrick Consulting’s 2021 study Aligning Culture with the Bottom Line, the consulting firm surveyed 200 CEOs from companies in nine countries , including 50 CEOs from Germany.

Some 82 percent of the CEOs surveyed said they had made corporate culture one of their most important goals over the past three years. According to the survey results, while culture change ranks after strategy, leadership and processes, it is a key accelerator of business success. Companies whose CEOs consider culture change important tend to have over twice the average annual financial growth rate than others (9.1% growth rate vs. 4.4%)

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