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Rebekka Forster

Being your TrueSelf™ - creates lightness.

I know the diverse challenges of a leader’s everyday work from my own experience. Coaching supported me to recognize clarity about strengths, limiting beliefs and unconscious attitudes in order to act authentically.

As a systemic coach I support you in your development processes and on the way to more clarity and awareness of your own TrueSelf™. Thereby you discover hidden potentials and can tackle desired changes and courageous decisions to lead a self-determined, authentic and fulfilled life.

My coaching style is described as empathetic, appreciative and creative. My repertoire of coaching techniques activates and lends ease. My coaching services are designed for leaders, professionals, teams and organizations.

Coaching Profile

Sibylle Klevenz

Being your TrueSelf™ - sets potential free.

My journey towards my TrueSelf™ began when I, as a leader, spoke candidly about my strengths, but also my beliefs and fears in a business context. I no longer felt the need to hide behind roles and was able to be my authentic self. This made me feel vulnerable, but it also made me very strong as it gave others the space to be their authentic selves and allowed me to use my full potential.

As a systemic Co-Active Coach, I help you to realize your potentials and resources and to use them to their fullest. I support you in achieving the change you aspire for yourself.

I stand for openness, transparency and creativity. A trusting, non-judgmental atmosphere is important to me, so that you can reflect in a protected space. I help my clients, mostly leaders of all levels, to find solutions and resolve conflicts.

Coaching Profile

Axel Konrad

Living in Balance - Discover Your Resilience and Strengths.

In a world characterized by speed and performance pressure, I’ve made it my mission to assist individuals in rediscovering their inner balance and ease. My decades of experience as a psychologist and therapist have shown me the depth and complexity of human challenges. My coaching approach is shaped by empathy, openness, and when necessary, direct confrontation to foster desired change.

As a trained behavioral therapist with expertise in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, I utilize a diverse repertoire of techniques to support you in your individual growth journey. My focus is on promoting leaders in the realm of Positive Leadership, emphasizing the empowerment of employees and teams.

Colleagues and clients describe my coaching style as empathetic, clear, and with a touch of directness. I firmly believe that every individual possesses the potential to transcend their limits and live their most authentic version. Whether you wish to evolve in personal development, stress management, or leadership competence – I am here to accompany you.

Outside my practice in Cologne, I spend time with my family and indulge in my passion for 1. FC Köln, music, and the Cologne Carnival. My coaching services cater to leaders, employees, and teams - be it on-site, online, or at my practice.

We understand coaching as an individual development process that stimulates clarification and further development.
Until today, we use coaching, mentoring and sparring ourselves in order to continuously develop ourselves further.
Unlock your full potential with coaching - a journey of self-discovery and growth.
Elevate your game with coaching - a powerful tool for personal growth and self-improvement.
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