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Training Methods

Knowledge transmission is central to change management. Discover how diverse training methods help to shape change successfully.

In every Change Management Consultation, imparting knowledge is an essential component. There are numerous methods that cater to various needs. But what are these methods?

On one side, there are workshops, online and blended trainings, traditional training sessions, and mentoring. These formats enable specific knowledge to be conveyed and actively applied within Change Management Consulting . For instance, blended training involves a combination of digital learning materials and face-to-face events.

Another method for transferring knowledge in Change Management Consulting is On-the-Job Training. Here, employees learn directly during their work tasks. This can take the form of onboarding events or structured plans.

A special role is played by so-called knowledge multipliers. They are further educated through Train-the-Trainer programs within Change Management Consulting and then distribute this knowledge in their departments. This ensures that everyone receives the same information and remains on the same page.

Leader-Led Workshops are a particular form of the multiplier principle in Change Management Consulting. In these sessions, leaders conduct workshops with their teams, equipped with special instructions and templates to ensure the workshops are conducted successfully.

However, not all training methods revolve around knowledge transfer. In Coaching and Peer Coaching, the focus is more on accompanying employees. They are supported in adjusting their attitudes and mindsets with respect to the change process.

Moving away from traditional classroom training to truly applicable knowledge will make your success sustainable.
Successful Change Process: Actively Involve Employees - Regardless of the method employed, the goal is always the same: to provide employees with the tools they need to actively participate in shaping the change. Because only in this way can a change process in Change Management Consulting be successfully carried out.

Additional Methods for Your Change Management

To assist you in the change management consulting process and make the changes tangible for you, we use various methods.

We rely on a holistic change architecture that includes analysis and diagnostic methods, planning and implementation methods, interaction and participation methods, and training methods. Our goal is to successfully implement changes with our clients and prepare their employees for these changes.

Analysis and Diagnostic Methods

Where are we? Analysis and diagnostic methods paving the way for successful change!

Planning and Implementation Methods

New paths in change management: Achieving successful changes with agile and tried-and-true methods.

Interaction Methods

Discover how interaction methods shape change in organizations, alleviate fears, and foster communication.

Visualization Methods

Dive into the visual design of change: Boosting engagement and optimizing change management.