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Visualization Methods

Dive into the world of visualization methods! Discover how you can elevate your change management processes to a new level and boost the engagement of all participants.

Task management and teamwork are decisive factors in any change process. With tools like Trello Boards and Kanban, everyone gets an overview of who is working on which task. Everyone can see the progress and knows exactly what their tasks are.

But who is responsible for which tasks? Who needs to be informed and who is involved in decisions? This is where the RACI Matrix comes into play. It aids in clarifying responsibilities and information flows.

To depict procedures and processes, Flow Charts are often used. They’re simple to create, for example in PowerPoint, and provide a clear visual representation of process steps.

Have you ever heard of Sketching or Mindmaps? These methods help to visualize and structure topics, methods, and problems. A quick sketch or a mindmap can contribute to generating ideas and opening up new perspectives on a problem.

Understanding the “why” and “how” of a change process is critical. It’s important to explain and make transparent the vision, values, and principles of the company. Various methods such as vision work, roadmaps, explanatory videos, video messages, or Lego Serious Play can be used for this purpose.

Visualization supports your communication and helps to understand complex contexts.
Visualization as the Key to Success in Change Management: The use of these visualization methods can support effective communication and assist in steering the change process towards success. Try out some of these methods and see how you can drive change in your organization.