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Purpose and Vision

In a work world where meaning and purpose are becoming more significant, change management embeds these and brings them to life.

In the modern world of work, more and more companies are moving away from traditional structures and mindsets, making room for so-called ‘New Ways of Working’. In this context, purpose and vision are gaining substantial importance.

Today’s employees no longer just join a company because of its good reputation. They’re seeking meaning and purpose in their work. They want to do more than just complete a task; they want to contribute to something larger. The purpose and meaning of work are becoming increasingly important to them.

The clarity about a company’s purpose and vision is a critical factor. The vision must be clearly defined, transparently communicated, and, most importantly, lived. Employees choose jobs where they can make a contribution, which means that they identify not only with the product but also with what and how they work. The vision helps an employee reflect their own contribution, and the purpose provides the employee with motivation.

Purpose and Vision: Keys to ‘New Ways of Working’
The journey towards meaningful work in the modern work world Employees are searching for meaningful work, not just a good salary. Change management connects purpose and vision with ‘New Ways of Working’.

It’s interesting to observe that employees often prefer meaningful work over earning more money. They’re more motivated and engaged when they feel their work makes a difference.

In this process, change management plays a critical role. It helps to bring the purpose to life once it is defined. But it also provides effective methods to define the purpose together with the employees.

A clear formulated and lived purpose ist key to attract the right talents.
In a time when the focus of work is increasingly directed towards people and their contribution to society, it is important that companies recognize this change and actively shape it. By integrating purpose and vision into ‘New Ways of Working’, they can not only motivate their employees more strongly, but also increase their competitiveness and attractiveness in the job market. Change management supports companies on this path and ensures they are well-positioned for the future.

Enhancing Sense of Purpose and Vision in the Organization Through Change Management

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