Due to digital transformation, networking and changing requirements, classic concepts of collaboration and leadership must be rethought. Adaptability is becoming increasingly important for organisations in order to position themselves profitably and sustainably on the market. Organizations, teams and individuals need to become more agile, resilient, learn faster and continuously evolve. Optimized collaboration and sustained performance are imperative to ensure sustainable success. There are many occasions for team development, which should be understood as a process, rather than a one-off intervention. The primary goal is to develop employees and team cohesion, so that people can work together more effectively towards common goals or tasks, and grow together. Effective team development is becoming an ever more important tool to support and enable people to manage increasing demands and complexity. We support leaders and teams to find and re-orient themselves, or to become more efficient.

Increasing complexity requires new collaboration

The new world of work requires new principles of collaboration, more transparency and clarity.
With the ever-merging boundaries between work and personal life, it’s now much more about integration rather than trying to create a “work-life balance”. This is now referred to as “work-life blending”. Home office is an integral part of today’s working environment, and flexible working time models are becoming widely adopted. At the same time, the demands on individuals and teams are also increasing, and new forms of self-organized work are being established. For example, teams take on more ownership, work according to agile principles and hold themselves accountable for visions. They steer their development and assess each other’s performance - often without a manager. Does it all work smoothly? Numerous interviews and field reports make it clear that reality is varied, and that employees need support on this journey.
Team Development

Teams are caught between freedom and excessive demands

What does self-organization mean for a team? How is the role of leaders changing? And what role does the organization play?
Teams face the challenge of acquiring a new degree of decision-making authority and thus “freedom,” whilst managers find themselves threading the fine line between new and traditional leadership. When parts of the organization begin to define new areas of freedom, organize themselves more autonomously and thus adopt new ways of working together, confusion and conflicts may arise. Leaders have to define their role anew, colleagues have to give each other feedback, learn from each other and achieve success together. It is very unlikely that an entire organization adopts this new self-organized approach at once, and therefore tensions arise between the “old” and the “new” world, between traditional ways of working and New Ways of Working. Team development must take into account the team’s own organizational context and address their individual situation. It is important to give time and space for experimentation, and to promote the future-oriented mindset starting on a small scale. We understand team development as part of a continuous learning and development process. Let’s start this journey together!
Team development is the overall term, which highlights the medium- to long-term goal of maintaining and increasing performance. Team coaching is a selective measure within the process of team development aimed at solving conflicts and problems and to restore the ability to work effectively.
Team Development
For your future success
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Team Development

Recent topics

Complexity and increasing demands require leaders and teams to collaborate more effectively.

The following topics will play a role

  • Clarify goals, visions, expectations and roles in the team
  • Optimize cooperation between team members
  • Promote team culture
  • Conflict management
  • Improve communication and effective decision-making Establish agile and self-organized collaboration
  • Successful use of remote work, hybrid and virtual collaboration
  • Support and coaching of leadership teams
  • eveloping a mission statement
  • Strengthening feedback and appreciation
Team Development

How we work

We enable teams to continuously improve their collaboration by inviting them to try and experiment.

Based on your needs and the starting situation, we define a team development objective that is individually tailored to your situation. We provide you and your teams with effective and reliable tools that you can use to regularly reflect on and analyze collaboration. In this way, we enable teams to continuously improve their cooperation. Transparent understanding creates mutual understanding, which in turn strengthens the relationships among team members. Teams are empowered to continuously improve collaboration and define their future direction.

We offer impulse lectures, consulting on team development processes, team workshops and team coaching. In doing so, we mostly adopt experiential formats. By encouraging people to try out and establish new forms of collaboration together, we create new spaces to promote sustainable mindsets - starting on a small scale. We offer all formats both face-to-face and virtually, and show teams how successful collaboration can take place in various settings.

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Team Development

Our methods

With a focus on a systemic approach, we choose the most suitable interventions for team development.

We take people, structure, processes, communication, competencies into account and design a tailored concept - and we remain flexible in order to react to and leverage what we discover along the path

  • Workshops
  • Impulse lectures
  • Moderation of team events such as retrospectives
  • Meeting design
  • Team and individual coaching
  • Mediation
  • Communication and feedback routines
  • Design thinking
  • Principles of self-organized work
Team Development

That’s what we bring

We have successfully developed teams - as leaders and consultants

With over 12 years of leadership experience, we rose to peak performance as leaders with our teams by constantly shedding light on and improving the conditions and nature of collaboration.

We promoted agile working, clarity of roles, transparent communication and feedback culture, which led to a high degree of self-organization and ownership.

We have passed on these experiences to other teams as internal consultants and team developers. Now you can benefit from our experience.

Team Development

Your benefits in working with us

We design Team Workshops to create clarity about roles, tasks and responsibilities within the team.
Through proven mediation measures, we resolve smouldering conflicts, create mutual understanding and increase performance.
We put you, our client, at the centre by using agile methods - for significantly faster and high-quality solutions.
In team coaching, we accompany teams so that they continue to develop. This leads to joy in work and top results.
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