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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in Organizational Development

Discover your organization’s strengths and use them as a foundation for change with the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) method.

In a constantly evolving world, organizational development faces new challenges. One highly promising method in this context is Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

AI, translated as “appreciative exploration,” emphasizes the** identification and enhancement** of positive aspects within an organization. Instead of focusing on problems, AI leverages strengths and achievements as a basis for transformation. Purposeful questions are posed to uncover the “gems” – the things that already work well in an organization. It’s all about being open to new perspectives and eager to learn.

The f**undamental idea **of AI is simple yet powerful: People and systems move in the direction they focus on. The questions we ask determine what we uncover. AI thus zooms in on the strengths, the positive elements, and the potential of a system, overshadowing the negatives. Issues are not tackled head-on but are rephrased into aspirations for change.

We firmly believe that at the core of any organization is the individual. Together with your employees, let’s shape its evolution.

AI is a cyclical approach that fosters creativity and allows participants to actively shape the future. This method creates space for innovative solutions that can propel organizational development forward.

AI is a flexible and improvisation-centric approach, centering human interactions, which can lead to unexpected and inventive outcomes.

The “five D’s” are addressed in a series of workshops emphasizing affirmative dialogue and the collective creation of a vision for the future, ideally involving all stakeholders:

Define: In this phase, the project’s purpose is established, and the key questions for exploration are identified.

Discover: Information is typically gathered through mutual questioning and the sharing of personal and professional experiences.

Dream: Based on the discovered successes and achievements, participants collaboratively craft a vision of an ideal future filled with new possibilities.

Design: In this phase, steps are jointly devised to turn the dream into reality.

Destiny: The developed actions are actively implemented to realize the vision and bring it to life.

Discover your organization at its very best with us.
Uncover strengths, shape the future Our approach, known as Appreciative Inquiry (AI), focuses on highlighting the positive aspects of your organization . Together, we pinpoint what’s already working, envision future potentials, and turn them into reality. Your business won’t just experience changes—it’ll grow and thrive.

AI is especially suitable where the skills, behaviors, or performance of a whole system need enhancement. Also, when the system’s future needs to be envisioned and reshaped. The heart of AI is the “appreciative interview.”

Whether it’s about mergers, new strategic plans, or tapping into new business sectors, AI is an effective method to actively mold your company’s future.

At Forster&Klevenz, we incorporate AI into our consulting approach to elevate your organization to the next level. Discover and unleash your organization’s full potential with us!

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