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Optimizing Your Organizational Development with the Burke-Litwin Model

Adaptability is the key to success. With the Burke-Litwin Model, you can shape your organizational development systematically and effectively.

In an ever-changing business world, the desire for change is omnipresent. To successfully drive transformation within organizations, a systematic approach is necessary. This is where the Burke-Litwin Model comes into play, a tool we at Forster&Klevenz use to optimize your organizational development. It highlights the interplay between external and internal factors, aiding us in enhancing your organization sustainably. Depending on the organization and its complexity, one might employ only certain elements of the model.

Developed by renowned change consultants W. Warner Burke and George H. Litwin in the 1990s, the Burke-Litwin Model is a framework for organizational change. It stands out by ranking twelve key factors for change based on their impact on business success.

In organizational development, external influences cannot be overlooked. We often utilize parts of this model to account for them.

The external environment, being the primary driver for organizational changes, is at the top of this model. It encompasses market dynamics, legislative matters, geopolitical issues, competition, and economic concerns.

Using the Burke-Litwin Model, we understand how internal variables such as mission and strategy, leadership team, organizational culture, structure, systems, and techniques, management practices, and individual needs and values lead to organizational change. It allows us to tailor a strategy specifically for your organizational development.

At the end of such an organizational development process , the assessment of individual and organizational performance comes into focus. Here, we measure productivity using performance indicators and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that change initiatives are not just implemented but are sustainably effective.

The Burke-Litwin Model places strong emphasis on cause-and-effect relationships, external influences, and change processes. It stands out for its comprehensiveness and applicability. With the Burke-Litwin Model, we lay the foundation for your successful organizational development. It enables us to address both** macro-level environmental changes **and micro-level individual needs and capabilities. This ensures your organization continuously evolves and remains competitive. Let’s shape the path to your success together.

Design sustainable change.
A systematic path to success: Interplay between external and internal factors The Burke-Litwin Model can be applied in various types of organizations and industries since it relies on fundamental principles relevant across diverse contexts. While it’s intricate, we make it tangible for you, utilizing elements beneficial for your organizational development .
The advantages of collaborating with Forster&Klevenz are clear: with us by your side, you’ll navigate change confidently. Our expertise and systematic approach to the model help you not only navigate change but actively shape it. We can apply parts of the model to reduce its complexity, depending on your needs. At our core, we prioritize people. We look forward to partnering with you!

Discover at Forster & Klevenz the variety of models in organizational development and how we can support you on your individual journey. Each model has specific strengths and weaknesses. We customize it for you by developing a personalized solution.